Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar

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by Rujuta Diwekar

Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha

Explains why women are so obsessed with weight loss when infact it should be about fitness. Explains metabolism, different food groups, gives direction on when to eat what and gives real life examples of how to create diets keeping in mind one’s lifestyle. Also shows how we can eat everything provided we follow some simple rules. Only thing I did not like, her writing style is a bit too casual. I’ve nothing against colloquial language but this book, when it tackles a serious matter comes across flippant at times.

Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha

In this special book you’ll discover:

  • Its a good book that gives good insight into the working structure of a woman’s body and nutrients that help us get through the various conditions that women face. Must read. -By hermione1245 on March 12, 2011
Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha Paperback by Rujuta Diwekar
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