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Sanjay Mehta is a Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Life Coach . He was born on 12 Dec. 1969. He is working in the field of Personal Development since 1999. He believes that right way of thinking is leads to right attitude. His workshops and seminars include his past participants and personal life experience. Amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. His sessions are designed to infuse tremendous dynamism and vigour into the participants, to make them more Productive.

His sessions generally consist of Positive Attitude, Customer Care, Human Relations, Stress Management, Anger Management, Self Confidence, Behaviour, Time management and Meditation. His popular workshops are Work Life Balance. Live Happy Life, Joy of Life, Couple Therapy, Self Development Training Program (S.D.T.P.) Inner Power etc.

He is extremely popular amongst his audience. He is noted for his distinct style of speech amongst various keynote speakers in India. He himself has been trained by world’s best motivational speakers, sales trainers, educators and motivators.

He has already conducted a number of such motivational seminars for Assure Capital, Punjab National Bank, Herbalways, National Handloom, OTNM, Zenith Marketing, Teckmart, Good Luck Jewels (P) Ltd. and many more. Though he is based in Delhi, Sanjay Mehta has conducted open public motivational seminars in a number of cities, pan India. He is favourite motivational speaker in Yuva Agarwal Sangthan Community, Lion Clubs, Rotract Club and number of educational institutions.

MR. Rajat Gupta

He is responsible for all online marketing activities, customer service enquiries, Website related tasks and Public Relations.

Mr. Rajat Gupta joined DHA Healthcare as an online marketing consultant. He is working for a social organization helping the cause of improving life by guiding people to switch from medicines, to exercise, diet control and fitness, and make life better, healthier and spending more time with your family all over India. He got inspired by Sanjay Mehta and became a member of DHA Halthcare team to promote better life.

Email: support@dhahealthcare.com

Mr. Rohit Garg

He is currently heading DHA Healthcare’s offline marketing team and is extensively involved in Research & Development of new products.

He also takes care of Quality control and is responsible for high standards of DHA Healthcare Products. He has been traveling to Many Locations in India, such as Dheradun, Gorakhpur and other Low Profile Locations to gather knowledge, as to how you can create home remedies for many common diseases, for which you can get cure natural treatment without taking many medicines. He is also part of DHA Healthcare’s “Reduce Medicines Intake” for better health and fitness, thus redcing the risk of any side effects.

Email: info@dhahealthcare.com

If You Are Really Serious About Your Health & Fitness, Join Us !

The Mission of DHA Healthcare is to guide, you for a healthier life, thus resulting in more success and happiness. DHA will guide you, for exercise, meditation & all other best possible, methods, to help get minimum medicines usage , so that you can reduce the risk of side effects.